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Semi-Automatic Vacuum Wafer Mounter V-300

Fully automatic core process with a high degree of process quality. Suitable for the highest requirements in process stability.

  • Homogeneous and concentric mounting of flat wafers or substrates
  • Minimal force exertion on the wafer or substrate
  • No adjustment necessary for different wafer thicknesses
  • Suitable for all types of tapes/films
  • Process duration 45-60 s

Wafer size: 6" to 300 mm

Wafer type: flat surface

Wafer thickness: 80µm to 3mm

Frame size: Ø300mm DTF 2-12 / Ø8" DTF 2-8-1 (on request)

Frame material: Steel

Width: 470 mm

Depth: 750 mm

Height: 1100 mm

Weight: 40 kg

Vacuum requirement: 2 mbar absolute, Festo PUN-8, Ø8 mm

Pressure requirement: 4-6 bar, Festo PUN-6, Ø6 mm

Power input: 110-240 VAC

Clean room application: in use up to ISO 4 - 5 

A-weighted emission sound pressure level: does not exceed 70 dB(A), excluding vacuum pump

Peak c-weighted instantaneous sound pressure value at workstations: does not exceed 63 Pa, excluding vacuum pump

Certification: CE Certified, IEC 204-1 safety standards

This device is specifically designed to maximize the degree of automation in the mounting process. Only the pure handling steps are manual to ensure equipment longevity, and save on space and cost for the customer. In fact, the V-300 does not consist of any electromechanical actuators, which, guarantees a maximum MTBF (mean time between failures) and no periodic consumables.

Customers who choose this device typically demand:

  • a high degree of process repeatability and independence of human errors 
  • the wafer must be uniformly brought into contact with the tape over its entire surface (no transversal movement)
  • a device which does not require any adjustment for different wafer thicknesses


It is important to understand that the V-300 requires a frame to be mounted with a tape beforehand. That can be done on a Manual Wafer Mounter P-300 or any other frame mounter on the market. Once that is prepared, the wafer and the mounted frame are placed onto separate sides of the V-300 chamber. Once the cover is closed, the V-300 will evacuate the chamber to approximately 3 mbar and then automatically bring both the wafer and the tape into uniform contact with each other. By applying a vacuum, a bubble-free and homogeneous mount is ensured. Finally, the chamber can be opened and the wafer mounted onto the tape and frame can be retrieved. Parameters such as pressing force, vacuum level, and timing can all be adjusted via HMI.   


A special strength of the V-300 is its modular design. The exchange of chucks for different wafers can be done within less than 1 minute. There is no height adjustment necessary of the chuck. It is important to note that different wafer sizes do not always require a different chuck to be used. Besides the standard chuck, ask about our wide range of customized chucks of any special shapes. The V-300 operates independently of any specific type of tape. 


If your processed wafer surface is absolutely not allowed to be touched during any step of the mounting, we suggest to check out our Manual Wafer Mounter P-300 Non Contact. Also, if you have bumped wafers (e.g. lenses) or structures which require the tape to fully cover the structured surface, then check out the Semi-Automatic Heated Vacuum Wafer Mounter V-300H.


Conversion Kit for 8" Wafer with 300mm Frame DTF 2-12

8" Chuck, 8" top plate

Conversion Kit for 8" Wafer with 8" Frame DTF 2-8-1

8" Chuck, 8" top plate


Vacuum Pump (up to ISO 6 clean room)

0.55 kW, 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz. Performance optimized for use with the V-200. Supplied with a active carbon filter and gas particle absorber developed by POWATEC. Allows thereby clean room application up to ISO 6. 

Vacuum Pump (up to ISO 1 clean room)

110-240 V, 50/60 Hz. Performance optimized for use with the V-200. Adapted and commissioned by POWATEC for V-200 operation. Allows thereby high clean room class application. 

This V-200 customization example allows to bring a thermal tape in connection with an alumium cover, ensuring no bubles between the elements. In this case, both the chuck and the cover design have been customized to fit exactly the components gemoetry. This customization, though executed on a 8" configuration can also be applied to 300mm sizes. 

Further variants on commission:

  • The V-300 can also be provided for DTF 2-8-1 (8" Frames)
  • Larger substrate thickness
  • Wafer theta alignment features on the chuck
  • fully automated solution with 6-axis robot system. Casette to casette handling. 


POWATEC V-300 Vacuum Wafer Mounter



Can I have my samples tested by a V-300 at POWATEC?
YES. If you are seriously interested in acquiring a V-300, but would like to have it tested with your own samples first, then we can offer a free sample testing at our facility. We also support you in the selection of suitable tapes/films, offer free dicing or UV curing, and support you to select the most suitable V-300 model for your needs. Furthermore, as a proof of record, we can offer a live stream or video recording to document your samples being processed with the V-300. Alternatively, we are more than happy to welcome you to visit our facility for an in-person demonstration. 

Does the V-300 also mount the tape to the frame?
NO. To use the V-300, it is necessary to first mount the tape to the frame. It is therefore recommended to have either a POWATEC Manual Wafer Mounter (P-300), or a Frame Mounter (FM-300). However, any other wafer mounter on the market should be able to prepare the tape on the frame. 

Do I need a separate chuck for each wafer size?
YES. However small differences in the wafer size (+/- 2 mm) can be handled with one type of chuck. But for different wafer sizes such as 6", 8", or 300mm a dedicated chuck is necessary. The exchange of the chuck is done within seconds. 

What is the minimum wafer thickness the device can support?
The minimum wafer thickness on the standard device is 80µm, however, with minor adaptations there is no limit to the minimum thickness of a wafer that can be mounted.

What is the maximum thickness of the wafer?
With the standard chuck it is possible to mount wafers up to 3mm in thickness and structures/bumps with a maximum height of 170µm. Larger dimensions are possible with a simple customized design.

Do I need to make adjustments for different wafer thicknesses?
NO. No adjustments are needed, which is a great advantage of the V-300.

Does POWATEC offer heated chuck options?
YES. Please refer to the V-300H.

Does POWATEC offer chucks for square wafer / glass substrate / multiple substrates at once / very small wafers or fraction of wafers?

Is it possible to mount Taiko or Bumped wafers with the V-300?
NO. For such wafers it is recommended to use the V-300T or V-300H.

What has to be done by the operator?

  1. Place the wafer and the mounted frame in the V-300 chamber
  2. Close the chamber and press start
  3. Open the chamber when the process is finished and retrieve the wafer on tape and frame


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