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Back Grinding Tape Laminator L-200

Manual wafer laminator with a high degree of flexibility and versatility for dynamic environments. 

  • Manual lamination of 2" to 8" wafers with back grinding or protective tape/film
  • Suitable for wafers with and without flats
  • Can process silicon (Si), gallium arsenide(GaAs), silicon carbide (SiC), glass, FF4, ceramic, and more
  • An easily-adjustable blade allows the user to define if excess tape or a pick-up point should be present or not

Wafer Size: 2” to 8”

Wafer Thickness: 50µm to 4.5mm

Film/Tape Width: 150 to 300 mm

Width: 460 mm 

Depth 680 mm, (875 mm with PTW)

Height: 230 mm

Weight: 19 kg, (25 kg with PTW)

Vacuum Requirement: -70 kPa

Vacuum Connection: Outer Diameter = Ø6mm

Power Input: PTW Option: 85-240 VAC

Power Input: ESD Bar Option: 115-230 VAC

Clean Room Application: Up to ISO 4-5

A-weighted emission sound pressure

Level: Does not exceed 70 db(A)

Peak c-weighted instantaneous sound pressure value at workstations: Does not exceed 63 Pa

Conformity: CE Certified, IEC 204-1 safety standards


The POWATEC L-200 is the ideal solution for air-void-free laminating of wafers. Our customers have relied on these devices for over 20 years to give them high quality results, a great degree of flexibility, and minimal maintenance requirements which is what makes them international industry standards in clean room applications.


The L-200 is designed to laminate wafers, up to 8" in diameter, with back grinding or protective tapes/films. 


The wafer is centrically placed on one of our standard or custom chucks and held in place with a vacuum. The mounted laminating tape is then pulled over the wafer and the mounting table where it is then applied to the wafer with our patented pad roller, air-void free. The circular cutting device precisely removes the excess tape from the edge of the wafer, and the lateral cutting device separates the tape from the rest of the roll. After peeling the excess tape away and turning off the vacuum, the wafer is now laminated and ready for the next step.

Standard Options

PTW (Protection Tape Winder)

When using UV release film, the use of the PTW is recommended. It automatically winds up the UV protection film by a high quality integrated drive. The PTW is mounted on the back of the device.


Unwinding of the film can lead to electrostatic charges. To limit such electrostatic charges it is recommended the use of an ionizing air bar. The bar is installed in the proximity of the tape peel-off point where the greatest electrostatic charges occur. The corresponding control unit is included in the scope of delivery.

Measurement tool for ESD bar

It is recommended to perform a periodic functional check of the ionizing bar.

Standard Chuck Sizes

Our chucks are available in the following sizes: 2", 4", 6", or 8".

Heated Chuck

A heated laminator chuck is available in all standard sizes. With the heating controller provided by Powatec, this chuck can reach temperatures up to 150°C (300°F). Greater values are possible as a custom option. 

Customizable Options

Ceramic Chuck

Powatec's ceramic chucks are commonly used to ensure the vacuum holding the wafer is homogenously applied across the entire substrate, which, is critical in handling thin/sensitive wafers and ensuring the laminating tape is evenly applied. The flatness of our ceramic chucks are ensured down to 3 microns. 

Minimal Excess Tape

This option is essential for applications working with very sensitive wafers that need to be laminated with tape and require minimal excess tape around the wafer, but it cannot be touched by the blade. The cutting mechanism allows the user to make micro adjustments to the cutting distance and angle while the chuck ensures the blade never touches the wafer. With the proper setup, this device is capable of laminating a wafer bubble-free and of reaching a tape overhang of as little as 0.2mm.

Customized variants of the Powatec Back Grinding Tape Laminator include:

  • Square substrate laminator
  • Camera system with zoom and user interface high accuracy cutting process


Powatec L-Series Manual Wafer Laminators Overview



Can I have my samples tested by a L-200 at POWATEC?
YES. If you are seriously interested in acquiring a L-200, but would like to have it tested with your own samples first, then we can offer a free sample testing at our facility. We also support you in the selection of suitable tapes/films and offer free dicing or UV curing, if needed. Furthermore, as a proof of record, we can offer a live stream or video recording to document your samples being processed with the L-200. Alternatively, we are more than happy to welcome you to visit our facility for an in-person demonstration. 

How do I ensure not to apply too much force on the wafer when laminating with the pad roller?
Note that with a well-adjusted chuck height ,the pad roller - even operated manually - will transmit a significant portion of the force directly onto the frame and NOT onto the wafer. Note as well that some of the components (elasticity of pad roller and the chuck itself) do absorb force as well, which controls the effective force onto the wafer itself. With a well-adjusted chuck height, any excess of force application by the pad roller is transmitted onto the frame and not onto the wafer. In addition, the pad roller tends to bend such that the force in the center of the pad roller decreases. Usually, the issue is not too much force onto the wafer but the contrary: insufficient force application which then leads to air bubbles being present. 

For very sensitive wafer surfaces that cannot to be touched at all, POWATEC recommends the Non-contact Chuck option.

Can I use a chuck which is larger than the wafer?
Yes. Should you require a laminator where the wafer is never allowed to be touched by the blade, a solution can be delivered by POWATEC with a customized chuck for your specific application.

What is the minimum wafer thickness the device can support?
The minimum wafer thickness on the standard device is 50µm, however, the device can support thinner wafers with some customization. Contact your Powatec representative for more information. 

What is the maximum wafer thickness the device can support?
The maximum wafer thickness on the standard device is 4.5mm, however, the device can support thicker wafers with some customization. Contact your Powatec representative for more information. 

Does POWATEC offer heated chuck options?

Does POWATEC offer chucks for square wafer / glass substrate / multiple substrates at once / very small wafers or fraction of wafers?

Is it possible to laminate Taiko or Bumped wafers with the L-200?
No. For such wafers it is recommended to contact POWATEC for alternative solutions.

Can the L-200 be upgraded to include the PTW or ESD options after it is delivered?
YES, however please contact POWATEC to ensure the compatibility.

Can the L-200 be converted into a P-200?
YES, simply replacing the Chuck and the laminator cutting knife module is sufficient. Please contact POWATEC for further details. 



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